Why blog?  I have never been one to journal or write-I can’t even keep up with a running log-but I want to be able to share some of my experiences.  I have also always had trouble with motivation -which might surprise those that know me- and I need to be accountable for my goals and training.  I am a very social runner, so maybe this blog will hold me accountable- just like a running buddy – or maybe it will just give me another excuse to talk about running!

I have been blessed with the ability to run which I never take for granted.  It has taken me places I never thought possible and brought me closer to becoming the person I would like to be.

My philosophy of running is much like my philosophy of life.

The journey is much more important than the destination.

I try to live a lifestyle that is healthy because I love my life and truly want to live forever.  However, I LOVE life and don’t feel the need to deprive myself of anything that makes me happy.  Luckily, most of which makes me truly happy is not anything detrimental to my health and well-being, aside from an occasional pizza, catfish dinner, or piece of cake.

I believe in moderation…

in everything…

except love and running…

and then the more the better!!

Okay, so here’s the rest of the story…

I am NOT politically correct!

I am passionate about everything I believe.

I love to talk about religion and politics and (unfortunately) I don’t usually think before I speak.

I am a patriotic, conservative American.

I am thankful for our veterans who make it possible for us to speak freely.

I LOVE our country…

I LOVE my friends and family…

and I LOVE the Lord…

Now the disclaimer…

I don’t claim to be an authority on anything…

and I hope never to offend anyone…

but if I do feel free to email and we can work it out…

as I said before, I usually don’t even think before I speak (or write) so consider anything you read to be my opinion-nothing more or less…

just the thoughts of an everyday runner.


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Ken Hartell Says:

    Cristy, this is Ken Hartell (Boise,Idaho) and I just read your blogs about the 2010 Crater Lake Rim Runs. Thank you for a great photo story about a run that I love. My sister Margaret (80 yrs)and I (78 yrs) do the 6.7 mile run each year. My grandaughter Sarah from Vienna, Virginia (20 yrs) will run with us, but do the half marathon. Her first time for the Rim Runs. I linked your wonderful blogs to her so now she can see her run in beautiful detail. I told her that some runners are more competitive and some run for fun. You and your companions are champions for fun and thank you, thank you for sharing your blog.

    By the way, I worked digging the trail down to the boat landing in 1958. Did you hear that C.L. had record snow accumulation this winter. Loved your photos of angels on the icy snow. Deformed trees often occur when trees are buried under tons of snow and ice each winter.

    By the way, my brother was construction foreman on the Lodge renovation few years ago. Labor of love for him. My mom and dad (also brother and an uncle) have all worked for the Park Service at C.L.

    Good luck on your race plans. How lovely that you can do all that. Marg (Corvallis, Oregon), Sarah and I will think of you when we are at Crater Lake August 13th .

    Regards from Ken (kbhartell@hotmail.com) (first time to ever respond to a blog. Hope you receive it.

    1. Thank You so much Ken! You made my day with your comments! You have inspired me to come back to CL. Maybe next year we will come back and run and we can meet for coffee! Good luck this year! CL is I think the most beautiful place!

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