Mobile, Alabama

January 10, 2010       7:30 AM    437 Finishers

Marathon, Half Marathon, 5 Person Relay


John and Chuck drove up and picked up Bill at the airport on Friday, while Kari & I flew up Saturday morning into Pensacola.  We rented a car and drove to Mobile, where the guys were waiting for us at Starbucks. (where else?)

Guess who was at Starbucks!?  The guy from the Gaithers…Chuck was sitting there like a groupie!!

We went to the TINY DINY!  How could you not eat at a place called the TINY DINY!?

We decided to try to find some hats or extra gloves or something warm as the temps with windchill were supposed to be VERY cold!!  We started at Walgreens, CVS, dollar store…and moved on to the Target and the mall…unfortunately Mobile is not normally cold this time of year, and NOBODY had winter clothing!! I think we out shopped a little more than the guys could tolerate!  I bought a hoodie & mens polar fleece pajama pants.

John decided not to take the batman hat and I didnt get the pig pillow…even if I loved it!

We finally called it a day and headed to dinner.


The course takes you on a  tour of old Mobile neighborhoods along with the University of South Alabama campus.  The course finishes by running through downtown.  It was very nice and scenic with some rolling hills.

Okay this is what we all decided to wear!!  Chuck wore tights for the first time in a race EVER!  I had on running tights, with polar fleece pants over, singlet, long sleeve tech shirt, running jacket, hoodie, ear warmers, two pairs of gloves, and two pairs of socks!  I scared a girl out of the women’s restroom…she thought she was in the guys when she saw me…ugh!  I did ditch the jacket (which was under the hoodie) a couple of miles into the race and took off the fleece pants at the first aid station.  They were waiting on me when I got to the finish line!

We walked down to the start and waited in the hotel at the starting line until a couple of minutes before the gun time.  Very nice on such a cold day!!

The weather started off around 20 degrees and I think the wind chill was about 6 or 7 degrees…BRRRRRRRR!  We were all bundled up and were actually pretty comfortable.  Bill took off with John and Kari & I ran with Chuck.  I ducked into a convenience store to use their bathroom (which was pristine!) since we ran down the main street.  We were running along visiting when we saw a Starbucks and, I think, were seriously contemplating how to talk them into something warm to drink without money when we saw them…the HEROS…angels holding KRISPY KREME WARM DONUTS!!!!  I had two (or three) and I am not sure anything has ever tasted so good!!!  Well, at least until a couple miles down the road.  I still think it was probably worth it.  We had a wonderful time running in the cold!  Chuck and I finished running down the main street discussing lunch plans at the oyster house.  Kari followed us in.  We grazed on the food, picked up our bags, and headed back to the hotel.


Chuck  4:40.44  3rd Place Age Group

Kari  4:48.02

Cristy  4:40.45

Bill  3:49.48

John  3:49.49  2nd Place Age Group


Finishers receive a medallion decorated by members of the L’Arche-Mobile community

The medals were very unique.  Very nice touch!  I really like the T Shirt!


They had a GREAT post race buffet!  The volunteers were great…it was so cold and they were out there all day!

I had an ice cream sundae…odd choice for the freezing temp, but it was good!!  We walked down the street to the hotel and were soooo glad to be warm!!  The guys called  and invited us over to the hot tub, but when we found out you had to walk outside to get there…we decided NO WAY!!!  Well, actually I said yes, got to the elevator, felt  a cold blast of air, and ran back to the room…and then said NO WAY!!

We cleaned up, checked out, and headed righrt down the street to the Wintzells Oyster House.  Larry told us about it and the guys ate there the night before and loved it…although I don’t think John wanted to eat raw oysters again!

We had a GREAT meal and then were off to get to the airport, and see John and Chuck off for their drive home!

Life is good!


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