Ocala, Florida

January 31, 2010

Transportation & Pre Race

We met Chuck & Esther, John, & Kari at Starbucks at 4 am, packed into one car,  and drove to Ocala the morning of the race after attending  a running club banquet the night before.  We were all tired!

There was a packet pickup the morning of the race at the host hotel- we stopped in and grabbed our packets on the way to the race start.

We drove to the start and parked right at the start/finish–very convenient!

There were lots of 50 Staters and Marathon Maniacs there.  We ran into our friend Carol and had a great time before the race!


The course has rolling hills that takes you through beautiful horse farms.  The volunteers were VERY nice and helpful.  The aid stations were well stocked with very friendly volunteers.  The course started and finished in the same place and you could park just a few feet from the start line.

Awards and Results

The awards were very cool horse statues.  We had to get back to the hotel to make the check out time , but they wouldn’t give us our awards–they said they wouldn’t give them out until the award ceremony, which was after the check out time.  I don’t complain often, but for a small race to not be a bit flexible or get to the awards a bit quicker was irritating.  After all, we did finish in five hours and stood around for quite awhile after that.  Oh well…no big deal!  Just a small complaint about a very good and well run race.  We went to Jim and Claude’s hotel, got cleaned up, and went back to get the awards, which they had packed up and had to dig through to find them…hmmm…might it not have been easier just to give them out earlier to begin with……but they were very nice awards!  I was sooo jealous!!

They had good post race snacks and beer (Chuck would like that) and portable heaters…which was nice as it was chilly!  The shirts were not my favorite fabric and a bit big, (but most shirts are a bit big for me)  but the medals were very nice!

Cristy 4:47.58

Bill  4:47.58

Kari  4:48  1st Place Age Group

John  3:45.59  1st Place Age Group

Jim-Ron  4:47.58

Chuck 4:47.59  1st Place Age Group

Claude  3:54.33

Carol  5:43.43

Post Race

We met Jim and Claude at Starbucks and enjoyed exchanging running stories.  This is what makes races soo fun!!

We said goodbye and headed over to Cracker Barrel to refuel before heading back home…

Life is good!!


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