I overslept this morning.  My alarm started going off at 5 am.  I thought I would go to the park and run a 5K, but I didn’t get up until after 7 am.  I have been very tired this week, but also can’t seem to get my foot out the door to running some shorter and faster races – I think sometimes it is much harder than a marathon!

So, I popped 4 Advil, and went out and met the neighborhood running club for the late group.  I met a very nice guy, Lenny, and had alot of fun running 3.5 miles.  We got back and visited with the other early runners coming in.

I spent some time reflecting on why I love running.  I think it is because it means so many different things to different people.  Just listening to the stories, and seeing the joy of accomplishment on the faces of the people that made goals and surpassed what they thought was even possible, made me reflect on what running is about for me.  I think it is these moments-meeting interesting people and sharing a moment in their lives.  How often do we spend an hour (or four) talking without interruption with a friend in our everyday lives?  All the time enjoying the beauty of our world…I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Now-off for a day of thrifting with my girl!