Sunday, May 2, 2010

5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, 4 Person Relay, Pump & Run

Marathon Start Time   6:30 AM                      4112 Finishers (Marathon)


We flew into CVG early Saturday morning.  We arrived around 10 am, took a taxi to the hotel, dropped our bags off, grabbed a very bad breakfast at the hotel right before it closed, and headed off on the bus to the expo at the Duke Energy Center.  The expo started Friday, so hopefully it wouldn’t be too picked over.

The Pump & Run…hmmm.

Kari and I go on the quest for “Her Pig”…I claimed mine last time I did this race!

I like this one!  Could this be the one?  The Safety Pig?  Kari says no…

Okay so onward to enter the expo…possibly we will find it there!  If not, I know we will find some good shopping!

Cleopatra Pig??  Nope.

How could you NOT do this race!  Look at all the cute slogans!!

Kari and Bill do not look excited about Pigippides…the first marathon pig…oh yeah, I guess he died at the finish!

Not a good choice!

The expo had an abundance of “Pig” merchandise, but not as much other stuff…but  adequate I guess.

Kari kind of likes the finish line swine…after all it flies!

And he apparently had trouble breaking the tape as I did (a story for a another day).

Ahhh and then we come to my pig..the flying cheetah pig…the fastest on earth!  hehe

After weaving through the expo and exhausting Bill with our shopping extravaganza we got to the schwag pick up!  The pig has the best stuff ever!  We got a nice roomy Asics running bag , poster, and very cute technical running shirt.  Although Mike thought it was a bit too colorful for him.

Quinn called and just got to the expo…perfect timing as she didn’t have time to do much shopping.  She had the kids in tow and had to pick up her mom from the airport.  Her folks came in to help her with the kids and support her as she does her first marathon!!

We exhausted ourselves and decided to head to the lobby to sit down and have a coffee.  Quinn left and Mike and Steve showed up.  They expo’ed while we had coffee and watched the cheerleaders (from the competition next door) come and go.

We checked into our hotel, the Embassy Covington, and headed out for dinner.

Ira was staying close by and met us at the restaurant.

I found some good reviews for Pompilios on the internet.

We went early at 5:15 thinking it wouldn’t be crowded yet, but we had to wait 1:45.

So, of course,  we went to Starbucks (in a grocery store) and killed some time.

The wait was well worth it!  The place was very quaint and the food was good!   The toothpick scene from Rain Man was filmed here!

We were all starving by the time we got a table!

They brought us some free appetizers!


A pic worthy of the banquet slide show!

I ordered eggplant parmigiana.  It was delicious!

Steve got spaghetti and meatballs..look at the size of the meatball!

The serious guys!

After dinner it was back to the hotel to chat and catch up with Mike and Steve.  Bill fell asleep in 5 seconds (literally) and we stayed up a little too late, but had a fun night.


We got up early and I had my normal breakfast Starbucks bottled frap and a cake donut.  We got dressed, got trash bags from the front desk, and met up with Quinn in the lobby.  Her running club met in our parking lot and she dropped her bag with them.  We headed across the bridge to the stadium (in the rain) and found Ira right away in the crowd!  Everyone was huddled in the stadium because of the rain and LIGHTNING.  Eek!

We said goodbye and Bill, Steve, and Mike headed off while Quinn, Kari, Ira and myself lined up together.  We lost Ira pretty early, but the three of us girls had a great time.  Even though it was raining, it was warm enough outside that it wasn’t too uncomfortable.  The course goes through a lot of unique neighborhoods and  was lined with people.  It rained on and off through the race, but that ‘ seem to stop people from coming out.  The elevation chart is a bit deceiving because this course is a tough one with rolling hills the entire way. (at least in the opinion of a Florida girl)  Quinn ran a fantastic race with each 1/4 of the race being much faster than the previous one.  Kari dropped back towards the end but came in right behind us. Quinn’s mom was there to cheer her in at the finish…very cool!

There was a great finish line buffet with every kind of snack you could want!

We walked with Quinn over to her running club tent, visited with her and her mom, then headed over to the buses that would drop us off at our hotel.  The guys were waiting on us and STARVING!!


Steve  1:57.40  PR  Woo-Hoo!!

Mike  3:47.21

Bill  3:49.12

Cristy  4:35.51

Quinn  4:35.51  1st Marathon!!  Congrats!!

Kari  4:44.58

Ira  4:54.30


Very cool medals with a pig on one side and the, hmm, well,  back side of the pig on the other…with a pink ribbon that Mike was excited about!

We checked out of the hotel and walked over to First Watch for breakfast.

We said goodbye to Mike and Steve and packed into Ira’s car for one last trip to Starbucks and then off to the airport for our trip home.

What a fun weekend!  We packed a lot into two days!

Life is good!


What do you pack for an ultra in Utah in the winter?  Hmmm… that seemed to cause me some emotional distress and also the need for a larger suitcase!  So after much deliberation –  this is what I came up with…

I got up at 3:30 yesterday and drove to Tampa for my 6:30 flight to SLC.  Bill met me in Atlanta, we landed in SLC, and were starving, so we went to Cafe Trang Vietnamese Restaurant.  I had a very good Bun and Bill had chicken curry.  It was a very friendly place with good food!

Does it look like good running weather the way my hair is blowing!?

We then went to Temple Square and walked around the Temple (which wasn’t open to visitors), and went into the Family History Center.  We sat down at a computer and stayed there most of the day!

Amazing Landscaping!

We went inside the Tabernacle and listened to the organ.

Preparing for the snow!!

To end the day’s excitement we went to Red Rock Brewery and had some good cheese dip (which I decided was a poor idea later) and salad – Bill ate a trout sandwich which he enjoyed.  We then went next door to grab a very yummy gelato – what a great way to finish the day – and made the 25 minute drive to Layton.  I was asleep before we got there!


We got up and went straight to the Striders running store to pick up our packets at 10:00 and hopefully get a hoodie.  We got our packets, but there were no hoodies to be had.  If I am going to run 50 miles, I WANT a hoodie to show for it!!  I bought an ear warmer because I am so nervous about being cold tomorrow…even though I already have one….and a Striders singlet which I liked the way it fit…and it was $15 bucks, so there you go…

We then made the mistake of the day…IHOP…which I usually like…let’s just say bad idea!  I just wanted one pancake and some yogurt, but they don’t just sell one pancake…so I say can you just bring me the kids meal for $4.79 (pancake with a face..I like it) and yogurt…nope I can’t she says because you are not a kid, but I can, my manager says, give you one pancake for $1.50 and give you the yogurt for free…and you wonder how places stay in business??  Bill wanted blueberry cakes with no whip cream or blueberry compote on top, but she says I don’t know if they can do that – just leave off the stuff – I will have to check…we never got anything to drink, but luckily we had Starbucks (of course) already…so next time Cracker Barrel!!

We went shopping at the mall where I got a great pair of Nike Munich tights–which living in Florida I am sure I need – but maybe I will wear them tomorrow!!

Then, it was off to the movies to see Ghost Writer – which I liked!  We came out and behold – it was SNOWING!!  Woo Hoo!  Hopefully today and not tomorrow!

Now its off to Olive Garden and to Wal Mart to buy two cans of canned veggies for the post race stew they make at the race tomorrow!!

50 Miles tomorrow!??!