Storm Lake, Iowa

June 12, 2010

Marathon, Half Marathon, Marathon Relay, 5K  — 7 hour cutoff

Transportation & Lodging

We flew into Des Moines…not the closest airport but the cheapest.  We drove 3 hours to Storm Lake and checked into the Super 8.  Kari’s Cousin from Eastern Iowa came into town to run and Kari stayed back at the hotel to meet up with her for dinner.

The hotel had told us at check-in that we could get a late check out-just ask in the morning.  The next morning, however, the lady said there were no more available.  In the end at check out it was no problem…so a little confusion, but a fine, minimalist hotel.

Pre Race

  • 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. Race Packets may be picked up at Storm Lake High School
  • 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. Spaghetti supper available for purchase

Bill and I went to the high school, picked up our packet, and had a nice pasta dinner with Dave and some other fellow Maniacs and 50 Staters.  We headed back to the hotel to get to bed early and had the opportunity to meet Kari’s Cousin and daughter.  Then it was to bed early!

  • 4:30 – 5:30 a.m. Race Day packets may be picked up
  • 6:00 a.m. Marathon and Marathon Relay begin
  • 6:05 a.m. Bus leaves for Half-Marathon
  • 7:00 a.m. Half Marathon begins
  • 8:00 a.m. 5K Run/Walk begins at Marathon Community Center

We woke up to rain and lightning!  Ugh!  As I needed Iowa to finish my 50 States in October, I prayed for a stop to the bad weather!  I don’t mind running in the rain, if it is warm, but NOT lightning!  We packed up and went to the high school.  The Race Director made the announcement that the race would not start until the weather improved…so we would wait.  Every 20 minutes an announcement would be made until 8:00 and then the race would be canceled if it was not safe to run.  They must call it Storm Lake for a reason!

Maniacs tried to come up with contingency plans…run on the track, in the gym??

We sat around and visited…Bill took a nap on a bench…

The pre race talk and National Anthem was played in the school so that we could start right away if we had the opportunity.

But by 7:30 it was decided that we would start…and jump on buses if it worsened.


The course runs from Storm Lake to Marathon.

Aid, Gatorade, and water stations available every 2.5 miles (stations are closer towards the finish line). Fresh fruit and GU Energy Gel available towards the last water stations.

We all headed to the start and took off!  The weather looked daunting in the distance at times, but the rain held off and it ended up being a very pleasant day!

We met alot of nice people!  The Race organizers and volunteers did an amazing job!  We all three ran together and passed the time playing every car game imaginable.  We forced Bill into participating in our games…against his will I think…but we had a very nice day and enjoyed this race that runs through the Iowa countryside.

Post Race

  • Post-race dinner (I think it was a turkey dinner) will be available at the finish line.
  • Shower facilities are available at the Marathon Community Center.(Bring your own towel.)
  • Bus Service back to the starting line.

We finished the race, got our bags and a drink, and they made an announcement that the bus was ready to leave and there wouldn’t be another one for two hours…so we jumped straight on the bus.  There were no more seats…Kari got the last one by her cousin…but Bill and I had to stand.  I guess it was till better than waiting two hours!  Later we found out maybe it wouldn’t have been quite that long.  We quickly showered, checked out, and went to eat.  Then it was off to drive the 2 hours 40 minutes to Viborg!

Medals & T-Shirts

They gave us a nice short sleeve T Shirt and had some others with a nice design available in short and long sleeve to purchase with the proceeds going to the community.